Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Some Forecasts For October 2007

At right Venus and Saturn conjoin in the archway of the Christ the King monument in Lisbon, Portugal June 2007. Another Venu-Saturn conjunction takes place this October activating the August 28th lunar eclipse. For more information see below.

October 1-3

On the 9th of October Jupiter will square Uranus. I'm anticipating that the Moon will trigger this before hand over the Northeast and NYC area on Oct 1st. These planets together are known for intense cold fronts, precipitation (if enough moisture is available), and windy conditions. To get a taste of what that's like, follow these two links that show what happened during the last Jupiter-Uranus square.

October 8-10

The Jupiter-Uranus pair is triggered again on the 8th and 9th of October when the Moon and Sun join in the configuration. Storms and windy conditions due to the passage of a strong cold front are likely over the Northeast.

October 12-14

The Venus-Saturn conjunction on the 13th falls in opposition to the degree of the August 28th lunar eclipse. Atmospheric conditions will deteriorate considerably over the Northeast U.S. as low-pressure is drawn to the area. By themselves, this planetary combo signifies heavy downfall and easterly winds. Additional planetary phenomena at this time add intense cold fronts and high winds to the mix, which suggest the possibility of a tropical system.

October 20-23

Some charts show potential for severe weather in and around the island of Puerto Rico. This may be a tropical wave or a more dangerous organized tropical system that affects the island or passes nearby.

October 21-23

A stormy period is indicated for the East Central States from Michigan southward to Florida. Planetary alignments over the waters of the eastern Gulf of Mexico carry the potential for tropical storm or low-pressure development.

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