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September 7-12, 2007 Forecast Results

The Weather Alternative long-range astro-forecast posted back in August made certain weather predictions based on Pluto's direct station. The first forecast read:

Sept 7-11
Pluto's station should bring a cold front over the Pacific NW, which may trigger storms.

The Accuweather map at the right is for Friday, Sept 7th showing the cold front entering the Pacific Northwest and the same system activating storms over Montana.

The second set of forecasts based on Pluto's change in direction called for a cold front to muscle its way southward from the High Plains to Texas. The forecast stated that the front would likely trigger storms along the way.

The weather map at left is from the Weather Channel on September 9th showing the cold front that has pushed from the High Plains into Texas. The Weather Channel reported:

Rain is possible again today from the Central Plains to the Great Lakes...highs will be unseasonably cool along and near the Kansas/Nebraska border... cooler temperatures will also spread southward over the next few days...

The long-range forecast also called for cold air to affect the Rockies and produce storms along the Front Range as well as to the north and south of it. The National Weathe Service on the 10th reported a new record low temperature of 18 degrees for Southwest Montana. Freeze and frost advisories were posted as well for Wyoming, Colorado, and Nevada. Heavy rainfall for eastern New Mexico was reported on the 10th and 11th.

The third Weather Alternative forecast called for a cold front to push into the eastern U.S. and prompt storms. The above weather map for the 9th shows a front pushing into the eastern U.S. triggering storms. Accuweather reported:

Tropical moisture flowing north from the the Gulf of Mexico will mingle with that left over from the former Pacific hurricane, Henriette, to continue spreading soaking rain over a swath between the South Central states and New England.

The last long-range forecast called for a storm system to hit the Pacific Northwest bringing gusty winds and cooler temps.

The Weather Channel map for the 11th at right shows a low-pressure system over the Pacific Northwest. Temperatures ran high, however, and no gusty winds were reported.

September 2007 Hurricane and Severe Weather Outlook

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