Sunday, September 30, 2007

Strong Storms Over Northern Plains September 28-30, 2007 Forecast Results

The Weather Alternative's long-range weather forecast, based on planetary cycles, called for a low-pressure system to generate severe weather over the arrowhead of Minnesota between September 28-30. The forecast was posted on Aug 10, 2007.
The accompanying Accuweather map shows the setup for severe weather over the northern Plains exactly as predicted in the long-range forecast.
Accuweather reported "A cold front separating conflicting air masses will spark strong to severe thunderstorms as it sweeps across the northern half of the Great Plains overnight and Sunday. Storms will break out from easternmost Colorado and eastern North Dakota to western Kansas and northeastern Minnesota by daybreak Sunday. High winds, large hail and even an isolated tornado threat may accompany the storms. Sunday, the corridor for showers and storms will shift eastward. Missouri, Iowa, western Illinois and Wisconsin will be prone to strong or even severe thunderstorms."
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The Red Necktie
By Florence Littauer

Thirty years ago when I taught adults elementary psychology, I assigned my students to give genuine compliments for a week. I suggested that they look around for people in need of praise and find something sincere to say.

A nurse reported at our next session that twice a week a little old man came to the office for shots. He would be outside waiting when she would arrive, and she would pass him by with a nod. When 9 o'clock came she would let him in from the cold, give him his shot, and dismiss him. After our assignment, she noticed him the next morning and wondered what she could find about him to compliment. As she glanced his way, she saw he was wearing a bright red tie with a palm tree painted on it. She smiled and asked, "Is that a new tie you have on, Mr. Costello? That palm tree is a beauty!" He nodded as she went quickly inside. A few minutes later she thought, "Why do I let that little man stand out in the cold? I could let him in to wait." She called to him and he entered thankfully.

Two days later when she came to work he was standing proudly at the door with a dozen roses in his hands. "These are for you because you were so kind to me. My son sent me that tie from Palm Springs and you're the only one who's noticed."

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