Thursday, July 24, 2008

Mars and the Solar Eclipse of Sept 11, 2007

On July 31st, transit Mars will conjoin the Sept 11, 2007 Solar Eclipse degree. Astrometeorologists know that the conjunctions, squares, and oppositions to Solar Eclipse degrees by the outer planets provoke an atmospheric reaction over the places where the Sun and Moon were angular at the time of the eclipse.
The astro-locality map above has been stripped of all other planetary lines to show the position of the Sun-Moon Ascendant line at the time of the Sept 11, 2007 eclipse. The line ran through the Rockies and down through Guadalajara, Mexico to the southern Mexican coast.
Mars' influence relates to heat and is usually pretty energetic. Around this time, let's say from July 30th through August 2nd, nature's heat element should be active over these areas. This may provoke storms over the Rockies, and may even attract a tropical storm along the coast of Mexico south of Guadalajara.

Problems vs. opportunities. (Zig Ziglar)
Be grateful for your problems. The problems or challenges we face force us to grow and become more capable. The long-distance runner who trains for the Olympics by running downhill will have no chance of winning the medal. The runner who trains by running uphill is far more likely to develop the speed, mental toughness and endurance which it takes to win the medal.

The best thing that ever happened to boxer Gene Tunney was that he had weak hands. His manager felt that he could never punch hard enough to be the heavyweight champion. Instead, Tunney decided that he would become a scientific boxer, not a slugger. Boxing historians will tell you that he developed into one of the best boxers who ever fought. Tunney would never have been champion had he not had the problem of his weak hands. So the next time you encounter a difficult climb, obstacle, or "problem," you should smile and say, "Here’s my chance to grow."

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