Monday, September 01, 2008

More On Gustav and Hanna

Gustav, a category 2 hurricane, hit the Louisiana coast today. Recently, I posted about the difference in Pluto's position in astro-locality maps, and how the "inmundo" position seemed to be more accurate than the "zodiacal" position. Gustav's arrival over Louisiana is another example of this.

The astro-locality map at left is for the New Moon of August 30th but with the planetary (inmundo) positions for September 1st. Notice the circled area over Louisiana where Mars, represented by the blue line, crosses with Pluto, represented by the white line. They make a convenient "X-marks-the -spot" over where Gustav made landfall. Planetary crossings such as these are important in weather forecasting as can be seen in previous posts. They don't happen all the time, but when they do they can be important. Mars is parallel Mercury today--a high wind breeder. Back in May when Cyclone Nargis hit Burma, it was under the aspect of Mercury parallel Mars.

In my last post, I discussed another forecast I had made for Aug 30-Sept 2. Mercury and Mars in the Solar Ingress were over Florida and the East Central States. I wanted to see if windy conditions would develop there as well or if it would just be high pressure. The Accuweather map at right shows that windy conditions associated with Gustav have affected the Florida Panhandle. On the 31st, The Weather Channel reported that rain from Gustav was also affecting the Florida Peninsula with the possibility of a tornado or two.

Another possibility that confirms windy conditions associated with the Mercury-Mars combo over the eastern portion of the country has to do with the Accuweather map at left that shows winds from over the Southeast U.S. shearing Tropical Storm Hanna.

Speaking of Tropical Storm Hanna, this next map issued today from the National Weather Service shows Hanna striking the Georgia-South Carolina state line around Friday, Sept 5th. If so, this will confirm my Sept 6-9 forecast issued in June of this year. The forecast called for a possible tropical storm or hurricane to make landfall over the Carolinas.

Sept 6-9
This is a very active period for the East Coast. Strong storms and high wind velocities are indicated for the mid-Atlantic area as Mercury, Venus, and Mars transit the area. Mars will parallel Uranus--a high wind breeder, and square Jupiter. Mercury also squares Jupiter and conjoins Mars--another wind maker. Lastly, Venus squares Jupiter and parallels Uranus. Tropical storm or hurricane landfall is possible over the Carolinas. If not a tropical system, powerful storms lash the mid-Atlantic and push eastward.

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