Sunday, September 07, 2008

Where Is Ike Headed?

Conventional forecasters see Hurricane Ike headed into the Gulf of Mexico and close to the Gulf Coast around the 12th of September. I would say that the astrological factors involved at that time would back their forecast. Let's look at the astro-locality map for the First Quarter Moon of September 7th.

You'll notice the area I've circled over eastern Texas. These crossings of planetary lines are important. The yellow line represents Jupiter's position and the two white lines represent Mercury and Mars. Both Mercury and Mars will square Jupiter and then conjoin each other between Sept 7th and 8th. This is somewhat before Ike would arrive. The original crossings will be activated again around the 14th. This will probably coincide with Ike's arrival. So one good possibility is that Ike hits southeast Texas around the 14th.

The current lunar eclipse chart shows some of these same planets over the Florida Panhandle. As is usual with strong hurricanes, they usually affect a big area. It seems like the greater danger lies over eastern Texas. I will check you some other charts and see if anything else turns up.

P.S. I almost overlooked my own forecast for Sept 9-14 posted in the Summer 2008: The Plains and Mississippi Valley- Part 1 section posted in May. It read:

Another cold wave begins to affect the Plains triggering precipitation. From the 12th on, the Sun's opposition to Uranus brings a cold air mass out of the north lowering temperatures and setting off storms, which have the potential to reach severe limits. Possible tropical storm or hurricane formation is indicated in the western Gulf of Mexico.

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