Sunday, September 09, 2012

Fall Weather 2012: Eastern U.S.

During the fall season of 2012, Venus will occupy the 84th degree of west longitude. This runs through the states of Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia, and Florida. Of course, the influence of this planetary line will extend further east and west of this line of longitude.

  East US

Venus will occupy the sign Leo. This position is said to signify frequent rainfall and thunderstorms. Venus is in a very close square aspect to Mars, which also relates to storminess. Let's look at a few dates when this position will be activated. Of course, other planetary influences will be at work throughout the fall, but these dates and times only pertain to the aforementioned position of Venus.

Sept 25-27
 Venus' square to Mars at this time will increase temperatures and bring a front or storm system to the Mid-Atlantic area.

Oct 17-19
Mercury will now activate the position of Venus and most likely bring a front or low pressure system that affects 84 west longitude from Michigan down through Florida.

Nov 9-11
The transit Sun triggers Venus and Mars which is known to increase temperatures but also carries the potential for storminess throughout the eastern section of the U.S.

Dec 6-7
The last trigger to Venus occurs now and will bring more showers throughout the eastern U.S.

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