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Mars Conjunct Saturn Aug 15, 2012 Results

Here are the results of the forecasts for the Mars-Saturn conjunction of August 15, 2012. The forecast was posted on July 15, 2012. It was mentioned how windy, destructive storms and energetic storm systems form at the times of these conjunctions. The first two areas pinpointed were the Plains especially over Texas and Oklahoma as well as of the southern coast of Mexico where tropical storm formation was a possibility.

 So around the 15th of August we should see a severe weather pattern develop over the Plains with particular emphasis over the Texas and Oklahoma panhandles where destructive storms, perhaps generating hail, gusty winds, and tornadoes is possible. The crossing off the southern coast of Mexico should be watched around the 15th for the formation of tropical system.

Aug 15
The Weather Channel headline read "Potent Front Slices Eastward Next Few Days"

- Some of these storms will be associated with a strong, southward-moving cold front and could bring the threat for severe weather to portions of Oklahoma and Arkansas.

Aug 16
Severe thunderstorms producing damaging wind gusts and hail are possible from western Tennessee to central Oklahoma through this evening.

The Mars-Saturn line also extended northward into the High Plains. Accuweather reported the following:

The northern Plains will be a battleground between two well defined air masses. The cool shot of air in the wake of the cold front will be driving through warm, moist air moving north across the central Plains. The collision may turn violent for some. Strong storms will rumble across area cities, including Minneapolis, Minn., Sioux Falls, S.D., Madison, Wis., Rapid City, Iowa and Omaha, Neb., among others.


The remains of Tropical Depression 7 hit Mexico very near the area mentioned in the long-range forecast but a bit further north. Here's what an internet news reported shared. 17 TD 7

Aug 17 NOLA web site
The National Hurricane Center has issued a special tropical weather outlook to discuss the remnants of Tropical Depression 7, which are located over the southwestern Gulf of Mexico...Locally heavy rains and gusty winds will continue over the area during the next day or two, as the system moves northwestward at about 10 mph.

The next portion of the forecast talked about an area of Europe over the North Sea between England and Denmark where a vigorous low pressure system or strong front should develop. The map below shows a strong cold front in between England and Denmark.
16 Europe
Aug 15 - Heavy rain and gales will affect Britain today. Strong gales as well in the Bay of Biscay. Heavy showers are forecast for western and northern parts of France...
Aug 16- Heavy showers are forecast for Denmark with rain across Germany.

The third map part of the forecast highlighted the area around 175 east longitude and 27 south latitude or about 725 miles north of New Zealand. This area was to be watched for the formation or passage of a tropical cyclone around the 15th of August.

No tropical cyclones reported.

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