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Fall Weather 2012: New England

Autumn begins on September 22nd this year and ends on December 21st. The astro-localtiy map below shows two planetary influences that will affect the New England area during the season. The line running from north to south represents the planet Neptune, and the diagonal line that crosses it represents the planet Mars. An observer stationed at the point where both the lines cross would observe Mars to be rising at the moment the fall season starts and would would "see" Neptune directly beneath his or her feet.

New England

These planets will affect weather patterns over New England at times during the fall season. I've compiled some dates when both these planets will be activated at the same time. The resulting weather patterns will likely be storm systems known as low pressure areas. Since we are in hurricane season, there is the potential that these low pressure areas or storm centers may be tropical in nature.


September 26-27
The Mars-Neptune crossing off the New England coast is triggered now as well as another one further south off the North Carolina coast. This might be an indication of the path of a tropical system that is drawn northward passed the Carolinas toward New England in and around these dates.

November 10-14
A similar set up forms now as the Mars-Neptune crossing is activated. Neptune also turns stationary on the 11th and then receives a square from Mercury on the 13th. Another crossing develops further to the south off the North Carolina coast at the time of the New Moon. Once again, this could suggest a tropical system that heads northward toward the New England area.

November 21-23
Mercury and the Sun activate the Mars-Neptune crossing. When Mercury and Mars are in aspect, wind is usually a salient feature. Check for a windy front or low pressure system, possibly tropical in nature, over the New England area now.

November 25-27
The weather pattern indicated at this time may be related to the previous one. Mercury will begin its stationary movement now, which is usually a sign of increased wind velocities. Venus will parallel Neptune, which can charge the atmosphere with maximum humidity and bring heavy downpours. All of this is indicated over the New England area now.

December 7-11
Another storm system affects the New England area between these dates.

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