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June 13-21, 2016 Results - Neptune's Pluvial Influence Confirmed

The June 13-21 forecast was posted on May 22nd. (Click here for forecast) I mentioned that this forecast would provide an opportunity to confirm Neptune's pluvial influence (having to do with much rain). Since widespread, localized flooding happened during the same alignments with Neptune in 2015, I concluded that a similar scenario would develop during the June 13-21 forecast period.

The forecast stated:

This year Neptune will occupy the 82nd line of west longitude running from Florida through Ohio. This area will likely be subjected to heavy rainfall that produces widespread flooding as we've seen in last year's example. Since we're in hurricane season, we can rule out a tropical system at this time. The weather pattern will then travel eastward and affect the US East Coast.


Accuweather headlines on the 15th read: Strong storms may disrupt travel from Ohio to Virginia 

The Accuweather meteorologists warned that severe storms would affect portions of Ohio to Virginia, eastern Tennessee and northwestern North Carolina on the 16th. This is the exact area covered by the 82nd line of west longitude.

In addition to this, meteorologists warned of an Atlantic storm that would affect the eastern US beaches with rough surf on Father's Day weekend. See the Accuweather map below. The storm was not a tropical system, which I thought would be a possibility at the time.

19 Atlantic

Farther south, but not in my forecast area, Tropical Depression 4 did form on the 19th affecting the eastern coast of Mexico.

19 Tropics

By June 20th, the National Weather Service was warning once again of flash flooding potential along the 82nd line of west longitude. They reported, Severe thunderstorms and flash flooding possible Tuesday from portions of the Midwest to the Mid-Atlantic. 

Flooding rains continued over the ensuing days targeting Kentucky to Virginia. By the 25th Accuweather reported that 23 people had lost their lives after historic flooding slammed West Virginia thus confirming the pluvial influence of the planet Neptune on weather patterns.

The last portion of the June 13-21 forecast read:

In other key charts, the US West Coast is also affected by Neptune and Saturn. June is not as rainy as other months out west but we may see some anomalous weather pattern develop over the Pacific Northwest especially around the end of the forecast period (19th - 21st). This may be something like a dramatic increase in temperatures and humidity or an anomalous low pressure system.

This long-range weather forecast was fulfilled in the triple-digit heat experienced over the Western States between June 18-20 as shown in the Accuweather map below, although a bit farther south than I expected.

15 Triple digit

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