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June 28 - July 2, 2016 Long-range Weather Forecast

At the end of June, important alignments between Mars, Venus, and Pluto will affect weather patterns over the central and eastern United States. Let's see how previous alignments among these members of our solar system played out in the not-so-distant past.

On June 29th Mars will make its direct station. This means that from our earthly perspective, Mars will begin to move forward in the night sky after a period of apparent retrograde motion. This was always an important celestial phenomenon in astro-meteorology. The last time Mars began its direct movement was on April 13, 2012. Mars was placed over the Plains in the season key chart at that time. Accuweather headlines for the central and southern Plains at that time read, "Life-Threatening Tornado Outbreak This Weekend," and, "Dangerous Tornadic Thunderstorms Continue Today."

This year, the key chart for the season places Mars over the Mississippi Valley as shown in the astro-locality chart below.

Mars direct 2016

Mars will also be in alignment with Pluto on the 29th. The last time Mars was in the same alignment was on September 7, 2014. The key seasonal chart placed Pluto over the Mid-Atlantic region. That area experienced drenching rains and damaging winds.

The last alignment to consider for our forecast is the opposition between Venus and Pluto on June 30th. In other key charts, Venus and Pluto affect the eastern portions of the US such as the Deep South, East Central, and Northeast areas. One key chart is shown below.

Venus Pluto 2016

The last Venus-Pluto opposition occurred on July 28, 2014. At that time, Pluto occupied the area from the eastern Great Lakes through Virginia and North Carolina. The Weather Channel reported that a strong July storm capable of producing strong and damaging wind gusts marched through the region.


Taken altogether, the Mississippi Valley area eastward through the Deep South, East Central, and Eastern Seaboard, will likely see the progression of a severe weather system that could trigger dangerous thunderstorms capable of producing heavy rain, gusty winds, and in some cases tornadic development.

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