Monday, June 06, 2016

Tropical Storm Colin Fulfills Long-range Weather Forecast

The May 15, 2016 Weather Alternative post contained a forecast for the period of June 1-5. The forecast, based on alignments involving Jupiter, Saturn, and Neptune, warned that low pressure and abnormally wet weather were to be expected at this time. The forecast pointed out that since we our now in hurricane season and since the central and eastern Gulf of Mexico was emphasized in key forecast charts, that it was plausible that a tropical storm would develop over this area.

As we speak, Tropical Storm Colin is located around 85 west longitude and 28 north latitude in the eastern Gulf of Mexico and forecast to move onshore over the Florida Gulf Coast tonight (6/6/16). The following Accuweather map shows the likely effects Tropical Storm Colin will have.

06 TS Colin

The same forecast also called for heavy downpours over the Mississippi Valley, Mid-Atlantic and Southeast. On June 2nd, the National Weather Service warned informed, "Heavy rain possible over parts of the Southern Plains and Lower Mississippi Valley." On the 4th, their forecast read, "Heavy rain likely over the western and central Gulf Coast, with heavy rain possible from the Deep South to the central Appalachians."

The following Accuweather map is for June 5th when heavy rain and stormy weather was expected from the Gulf Coast to the Mid-Atlantic region.

04 Severe Storms

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