Thursday, September 27, 2007

East Coast Storm Close Fulfillment of Long-range Forecast

The Weather Alternative long-range forecast for September
21-26, 2007 was posted on August 10th and called for tropical
trouble off the East Coast.


Sept 21-26

Tropical trouble is brewing off the east coast of the US. A powerful Mars opposition Pluto should be instrumental in generating a storm system (most likely tropical) or attracting an existing one to the waters of the western Atlantic around 73 west longitude and 33 north latitude. At latitude 33 north, this is roughly 340 miles east of the South Carolina coast.

Severe storms are indicated through eastern New York and into New England at this time. One scenario is that the aforementioned tropical system heads north, hits the Long Island area, and then continues through New England and Nova Scotia.

The Accuweather map above shows the low-pressure area forming over Florida and the Bahamas and headed up the East Coast toward the Canadian Maritime Provinces as predicted in the long-range forecast. The low is tracking closer to the Carolina coast than expected.

The severe storms indicated over New York and New England are also materializing. Accuweather reports:

A pair of low pressure systems will come together on Friday, resulting in heavy rain in parts of New England. Showers and thunderstorms that moved through the Ohio Valley overnight have moved east Thursday. The front moving eastward tonight will slice into the warm, moist air over the East, sparking showers and strong localized storms along the spine of the Appalachians from Virginia to Maine. On Friday, the two lows will merge over the Northeast, producing heavy rain over northern and eastern New England and Canada's Maritime Provinces.

The forecast timing was a bit off placing the end of the forecast window on the 26th--a day or so too early.

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The Phone Call

By Clara Dunnow

Laurita had only been home for a few minutes after visiting me when she realized she needed bread for dinner and started to go back out to buy some. As she was closing the door behind her, she heard her cell phone ring inside the house and went back in to answer it. At the same moment, my home phone rang. I was in another room, so it took me a few rings to get to it. When I answered with "Hello," so did Laurita. There was a long moment of silence as we each waited for the other to say why she had called. I hadn't phoned her, I said, and she said she hadn't phoned me either. I asked where she was, and she said she was at home and everything was okay. Then we both hung up.

At that instant, Laurita heard a commotion in the street and went to see what had happened. Arriving at her front gate, she saw that someone had sideswiped her car, which she had parked in front of her house, and several people lay injured in the street. A drunk driver had hit her car and careened into some pedestrians, and it had happened in those few moments when she had stepped back inside to answer her cell phone and talk with me.

I hadn't called Laurita and she hadn't called me, so how did both of our phones ring at the same time and connect us? Whoever had made that call had saved her from an awful accident, as she would have been getting into her car when that drunk driver hit it and the pedestrians. Can you explain it? I can't, but I know Laurita was miraculously protected. Whatever rational or technical explanation anyone may try to offer, I'm certain that God used that call to rescue her from harm. Someone called it mysterious. I call it miraculous. What do you call it?


Anonymous said...

Angels supposedly do things like this. But it begs the question, why werent the injured people in the street protected? Logical answer: it was supposed to happen to them, but not to the woman whose phone rang at the last minute. This reminds me of a story I saw on TV about a church choir group that met on a certain night every week for practice. On one such night every single member of the choir was unable to get to the church for various reasons. That night an empty church blew up due to a gas leak. Most likely all would have been killed if they had been there.

The Weather Alternative said...

Very good points!