Wednesday, August 26, 2009

TS Danny Comin' At Ya!

Taking a quick look at some of the key charts used in astrometeorological forecasts we find that the Full Moon of August 5, 2009 may provide some information as to where Tropical Storm Danny is headed.

The lunation chart placed a crossing of planetary lines, shown at left, over New England. These two lines tell us that at the time of the Full Moon, Mercury and Mars set up an important influence over that area.

These will be spurred into action on the 27th just a few days before Danny moves near. This is one indication that the New England area might sustain a direct hit or a close brush with Danny. Of course, it could mean some other type of severe weather affects the area. Conventional meteorologists, however, seem to think that Danny will move closer to the East Coast than Bill did, and I'm thinking they may be right.

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