Sunday, August 16, 2009

Southeast Soaker and Where are the Atlantic Storms Headed?

The Weather Alternative's long-range weather forecast for August 14th and 15th was posted on July 20th. Planetary alignments between Mercury, Venus, and Saturn were cited as the astrometeorological factors behind a storm system (possibly tropical in nature) that would affect the East Coast States of North Carolina, Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey. Locally drenching rains moved into the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic on Thursday the 13th of August.

Thunderstorms dumped 2.72 inches of rain on Norfolk closing sections of Interstate 264. Flooding also occurred in Millville, N.J., Andover, N.Y., and Bridgeton, N.J.

As mentioned in the forecast, a special concentration of planetary influence was to take place over North Carolina, Maryland, and Delaware. The Accuweather map at right shows a stalled front over the Southeast U.S. on the 14th. This front sparked another round of soaking showers and thunderstorms along the Middle Atlantic, Southeast, and Gulf Coasts. The storms brought torrential downpours and flash flooding. Storms over the eastern Carolinas were expected to be particularly heavy.

Meanwhile the tropical Atlantic has sprung to life and now boasts two tropical systems, Ana and Bill, with others expected to form soon off the coast of Africa. In a recent post, I mentioned the possibility of the Atlantic hurricane season getting underway around August 17th especially around 27 west longitude and 18 north latitude in the eastern Atlantic. Things have started a few days earlier but my guess is that even more powerful storms will form in this area around these dates.

Here are some observations of where some of these tropical systems might be headed. Between the 21st and 26th of August some very nasty planetary alignments take place. These frequently have coincided with hurricane or tropical storm systems. These aspects are Mercury opposition Uranus, Mercury square Mars, Mercury square Pluto, and Mars opposition Pluto. The map at right shows where the majority of these aspects play themselves out in certain key charts. The basic idea being that around the 21st the Lesser Antilles are in for some tropical storm or hurricane activity. This would probably coincide with Bill's passage at this time. The rest of the aspects between Mercury, Mars, and Pluto affect the area north of the islands up toward Nova Scotia. Perhaps Bill, or some other tropical system, will then head northward from there.

Another place that might show signs of tropical storm development or where a tropical system may pass through is about 240 miles south of Hispaniola around 70 west longitude and 15 north latitude.

A previous post entitled Solar Eclipse Action for August and September 2009 also contains other forecasts for both the Atlantic and Pacific during the period between August 22-26. The central Gulf is highlighted for possible tropical storm or hurricane activity then.

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Lisa Stone said...

I hope the storms weaken and stay away from us.

The Weather Alternative said...

Well, Lisa, Bill may strengthen but I think it might take the path I've outlined and stay away from the U.S. Let's hope so.