Tuesday, August 04, 2009

The Summer That Never Was

Accuweather has report that for residents of the Midwest and Northeast the month of July was strikingly cool. Cities like Chicago, Madison, and Cincinnati experienced their coolest July on record! Here are the stats: When record low temperatures and record low high temperatures are considered, more than 3,000 records were broken across the country, many of these were in the Midwest and Northeast. The reason? A storm system and the associated jet stream over Canada that continuously dipped farther south than usual.

The astrometeorological cause can be traced to the Cardinal Solar Ingress chart for the summer season. Above you'll see this chart set for Chicago. A few things will become apparent. The planet Uranus, associated with cold air masses is exactly on the Ascendant. This is the 9 o'clock position on the wheel where you see a blue symbol that is similar to the letter H. Let's go farther east to New York and view the chart from there.

Uranus is now far from the Ascendant, but another cold or cool weather maker is at work. My experience with long-range weather forecasting points to the fact that Pluto is associated with cooler weather patterns. At the time of the Carding Solar Ingress for the summer season, the Sun was forming an opposition to Pluto. You can see these in the sectors marked 3 and 9 in the above figure. The Sun occupies the 3rd sector and Pluto the 9th. These two sectors are important because they represent areas directly west of the place in question; in this case New York City. This is important since weather patterns in the mid-latitude areas of the globe travel from west to east.

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Let the game of love occupy your mind and dictate your actions all the time. Remember, your game improves with practice. Never pass--always take that turn to show love and appreciation. Perform great feats of love when you can, but never underestimate the simple moves. You'll be surprised what the simple maneuvers will do. Simple little turns taken regularly and consistently add up the points!

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