Thursday, April 08, 2010

Hurricane Season 2010--Central America Part I

Astrometeorology is all about how the planets of our solar system affect our weather here on earth. One of the key charts used in determining where planetary influences will be localized on earth is the Summer Solstice chart. Two important planets will localize their influence near Panama, Costa Rica, and Honduras this summer season. As shown in the map at left, these planets "cross" as it were near those three countries and will be activated at the end of June and early July. Here are some possibilities of what that might mean weather wise.

June 24-27
The Sun's opposition to Pluto, and Mercury's square to Uranus will activate the aforementioned area in and around Panama, Costa Rica, and Honduras. This could trigger a strong low-pressure area there bringing the potential for heavy rain. Since we are in hurricane season at this time, one possibility is that this represents a tropical storm or hurricane.

The Full Moon of June 26th also localizes a strong grouping of planets near the same area but on the Pacific side of Nicaragua, El Salvador, Costa Rica, and Honduras. This could mean storm or hurricane formation on the western coast of Central America or a system that starts on one side and then crosses to the other.

July 3-6

The same configuration of planets in the Full Moon chart on the Pacific side of Nicaragua, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Honduras, and Panama is activated once again between these dates. This is a strong argument for a powerful low pressure system affecting the area with heavy rains. Once again, a tropical storm or hurricane cannot be ruled out.

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