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Hurricane Season 2010--Forecast for September

The following long-range forecasts indicate the time and place of likely hurricane or tropical storm activity for the United States.

Sept 2-5, 2010
Sun-Mercury conjunctions during hurricane season often coincide with hurricane or tropical storm landfalls at times when Mercury is in retrograde motion. Of course, certain key charts must place the planets over hurricane prone areas of the States in order for this to happen. The Last Quarter Moon of Sept 1st presents this type of setup over longitude 78 west. This line passes through the Carolinas and Virginia.

Sun-Mercury conjunctions usually play out as very windy and stormy conditions. This is why hurricanes often result. If not an actual tropical system, the Mid-Atlantic could face storms producing gusty winds.

Sept 18-23, 2010

During this period there exists the possibility of a low pressure area forming in the Gulf of Mexico about 200 miles south of Mobile, Alabama. Another area that could see tropical activity is along the west coast of Florida. So we may be dealing with a tropical system at this time that is drawn from the Gulf to the west coast of Florida. It could also manifest as a strong cold front that triggers severe thunderstorms.

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