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Hurricane Season 2010--Forecasts for August

From an astrometeorological perspective, August 2010 could be a very active month for hurricanes. Following are some dates and places that may experience such activity.

August 2-3, 2010
Intense storms are expected throughout the East Central, Northeast, Mid-Atlantic, and Southeast. These storms may bring damaging winds, hail, or tornadoes. It is possible that a tropical system makes landfall over the Carolinas.

August 7-10, 2010
Venus will now activate the alignments between Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Pluto. Since these are placed roughly between 79 and 81 west longitude, the Southeast and Mid-Atlantic areas are in for a round of severe weather. This may indicate tropical activity affecting the Florida Peninsula and the Carolinas. These planetary alignments also have the potential to affect Cuba and Panama.

August 14-18, 2010
The eastern Plains and Mississippi Valley are likely to be under severe weather threats now. This could manifest as powerful storms producing large hail, gusty winds, and tornadoes. A tropical system or abundant tropical moisture may affect the eastern Texas and Louisiana area.

Further east, heavy rainfall is indicated for the Mid-Atlantic area either due to tropical moisture being introduced over the area or from an actual tropical system that enters through the Carolinas.

August 18-22, 2010
Planetary alignments at this time suggest very volatile atmospheric conditions that will put the eastern Plains and Mississippi Valley at risk for severe weather. Dangerous thunderstorms and/or tornadoes are indicated in and around Missouri. This may be due to a tropical system that makes landfall over eastern Texas or Louisiana.

The Southeast and Mid-Atlantic are not out of harm’s way either. There are indications that suggest tropical storm or hurricane activity over the Carolinas at this time or at least some kind of severe weather system if not actually tropical in nature.

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