Friday, July 31, 2009

Atlantic Hurricane and Southern Texas Rain

The Sun's aspect to the planets as viewed from the all-important seasonal Solar Ingress chart has led to some important long-range weather forecasts here at The Weather Alternative. This method allowed for the accurate forecast of the time and place of August 2007's Hurricane Dean. (See Switching On the Atlantic Hurricane Season and its fulfillment Atlantic Hurricane Season Gets Green Light)

August 17-19, 2009

This year the seasonal Solar Ingress chart sets up another important crossing between four heavenly bodies. We have a Jupiter-Neptune conjunction and a Moon-Mercury conjunction. These four cross in the eastern Atlantic around 27 west longitude and 18 north latitude. The transit Sun will activate part of this fearsome foursome between August 17th and 19th. As in the case of Hurricane Dean, we should expect tropical storm or hurricane formation over this area around those dates. If things follow Hurricane Dean's example, the storm could be long-lived and make it across the Atlantic.

The Sun's trigger to the Moon and planets will also affect the mainland U.S. at the same time. Jupiter, Neptune, the Moon, and Mercury made another crossing over northwestern Mexico just south of Arizona and New Mexico. We can expect a strong monsoonal flow over this area or perhaps the remnants of some tropical system shunted up over this area.

At the same time (Aug 17th), Mercury will conjoin Saturn. In the Solar Ingress this takes place over the Mississippi Valley area. This presages strong storms over the U.S. midsection, which probably involves Gulf moisture being drawn up over the southern Mississippi Valley feeding the storm machine.

August 19-21, 2009

Another interesting set-up involving planetary crossings is shown in the above astro-locality map for the August 13th Third Quarter Moon. There is a promise here for beneficial rains for the southern Texas area. Notice the circled area over extreme southern Texas and northeastern Mexico. Here, the Moon and Neptune cross. The planet Neptune, in astrometeorology, is associated with abundant tropical moisture and, in some cases, flooding rains. This is what I'm expecting over this area. Things could start gearing up as early as the 17th of August, but should definitely be in full swing around the 19th through the 21st. I haven't checked if southern Texas will receive a good soaking before these dates, but there should be a good one at this time. There is a slight chance that this alignment could manifest as a heat wave and bring no moisture at all. Hopefully, this will not be the case.

The second set of planetary crossings, as seen on the map above involves the Sun, Moon, and Jupiter off the southern coast of Mexico around 102 west longitude and 15 north latitude. Tropical storm and/or hurricane formation is possible here between the 19th and 21st as well.

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