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September 2-5, 2007 Forecast Results

The long-range weather forecast for September 2-5, 2007 was posted on The Weather Alternative on August 10th. The influence of the square between Mercury and Pluto coupled with the Sun-Jupiter square focused their energies over the State of Florida. The forecast called for possible tropical trouble off the coast of Miami as well as in the eastern Gulf through the Florida Panhandle.

The accompanying Accuweather map for September 2nd shows tropical moisture being pumped over Florida resulting in heavy rain potenial for northeast Florida and storms throughout the State.

The low pressure that brought those heavy rains has drifted eastward and is still being monitored for tropical development.

Meanwhile in the eastern Gulf, which was also pinpointed in this long-range forecast, Accuweather meteorologists issued the following map and statement on September 6th (one day past the long-range forecast dates of Sept 2-5):

Another ominous thing is that other cloud mass over the eastern Gulf of Mexico. The Hurricane Center will be watching that closely as well for possible tropical development.

The Weather Alternative forecast also stated "Moisture will be pulled up from the Gulf and feed into a deepening low-pressure area over the Plains. The result: more than likely severe thunderstorms with perhaps some hail. And we mustn't forget one of Mercury's trademarks: damaging winds."

Accuweather issused the following map and statment on September 4th: "High pressure in the South will bring more Gulf moisture to the already saturated southern Plains. This moisture will make its way north to Missouri. However, the heaviest rainfall will drench South Texas, where localized flooding is a major concern after days of drenching downpours."

No hail and damaging winds were reported to my knowledge.

September 2007 Hurricane and Severe Weather Outlook

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