Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Will the Atlantic Give Us Hurricane Noel or Olga?

During the second half of October and especially November the
average frequency of hurricanes sharply declines. Of course, hurricanes, and strong ones at that, are still possible. Back in August in a post entitled Switching on the Atlantic Hurricane Season with Solar Power, it was brought out how the Sun's transit to planets in the seasonal Solar Ingress chart would generate tropical activity in the central Atlantic. The time and place pinpointed in that article was later fulfilled in Hurricane Dean.

Does the Atlantic still have what it takes to give us Hurricanes Noel and Olga? A Venus-Jupiter square on the 28th of October has the potential to spark tropical storm or hurricane formation in the Atlantic. The Full Moon chart places this square in the eastern Atlantic around 29 west longitude and 16 north latitude. The Solar Ingress chart seems to promise storm formation near there as well--in and around 33 west longitude and 20 north latitude.

One other place stands out in the western Atlantic at this time around 54 west longitude and 22 north latitude. These places should be monitored for tropical storm and/or hurricane formation close to the October 28th window.

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