Friday, November 23, 2007

Three Forecasts and a Storm

Mercury's square to Neptune, exact on November 24th, was the
basis for three long-range forecasts posted on The Weather Alternative at the end of October.

The first forecast called for a stormy period over the Rockies. The Accuweather map at right shows the storms over that area. The Weather Channel reported tonight that " ...snow is on the increase from Colorado and western Kansas to the southeast Arizona mountains, New Mexico and western Texas. The southern Rockies from the San Juan to the Sangre de Cristo and the Davis Mountains of southwest Texas could locally receive over a foot of snow...

The second forecast stated Cold Canadian air will make its way southward and ignite storms over the central U.S. Moisture from the Gulf is available now creating storms over the southern portions of Texas as it is drawn northward into the southern Plains.

The Accuweather map at left shows the storm that will develop over the southern portions of Texas through Saturday the 24th. They expect drenching rains to accompany this storm system.

The third forecast for the period between November 24th and 26th
warned that An intensifying storm will deliver its rainy message to the Mississippi Valley as well and push eastward. The Louisiana and Mississippi area are expected to receive a concentrated dose of wet weather.

Accuweather foresees "locally damaging thunderstorms are possible over the lower Mississippi Valley Sunday (25th) into Monday (26th)."

The Weather Channel predicts " The heaviest rain over eastern Texas and Louisiana Saturday could locally drop 1 to 3 inches." The Accuweather map at right shows the approaching storm over the area forecast in The Weather Alternative forecast last October.

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