Saturday, October 11, 2008

What A Storm!!

A major storm is impacting the western United States this week end with heavy snow over Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming, and windy conditions over New Mexico, Arizona, and California northward to Idaho, Wyoming, and Montana. Sustained winds between 20 and 40 mph will be experienced with gusts exceeding 70 mph in a few locations.

The Full Moon of September 15th comes into play with this storm. At the time of full moon, Mercury, Venus, and Mars were angular over the western U.S. at between 115 and 117 west longitude. Both Mercury and Venus were conjunct at 19 degrees Libra while Mars was close by at 17 degrees Libra. This troublesome trio is being activated as we speak. The transit Sun is at 19 degrees Libra today activating the storm potential.

The solar ingress map for the Fall season also placed a Mercury-Mars conjunction over the area promising windy conditions at times throughout the season.

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