Thursday, December 11, 2008

East and West Coast Predictions On Target

The wild weather affecting the East Coast with heavy rain from Virginia to New England as well as ice and snow in some locations is a direct fulfillment of The Weather Alternative's long-range forecast for December 10-13, 2008. The forecast issued on November 23rd read as follows:

More cold, and stormy conditions are indicated for the New England area as the Sun and Mars square Uranus, which now occupies the 68th degree of west longitude over Maine and eastern Canada. The Mars-Uranus square is particularly turbulent as it is known for exciting acute and energetic storm systems. The Full Moon on the 13th also squares Saturn, another cold and tempestuous influence. Saturn is over the 66th degree of west longitude through Nova Scotia.

Advisories, which include warnings for heavy rain over Nova Scotia, and significant amounts of snow over southeastern Quebec, are being issued by Canada's Weather Service.

The same forecast stated:

In direct contrast to the cold and stormy conditions over the eastern United States, the Venus-Jupiter parallel affecting the West Coast and Great Basin areas, should bring seasonally warm temperatures to the western U.S.

Yesterday, the Weather Channel reported that "Mostly dry and warm conditions are expected across the West." Today their report read "High temperatures will be near to above average for the season."

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It's The Way You Say It

Once a king dreamed that all his teeth had fallen out. Immediately he sent for one of his soothsayers to interpret the meaning of the vision. With a sad countenance & mournful voice, the soothsayer told the monarch that the dream meant that all his relatives would die & that he would be left alone. This angered the king & he drove the servant from his presence.

Another was called & the king told him of the dream. At this, the wise man smiled, & replied, "Rejoice, O King; the dream means that you will live yet many years. In fact you will outlive all your relatives." This pleased the king a great deal, & in his joy he gave the interpreter a rich reward. The two men had said, in different ways, the same thing.

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