Thursday, February 12, 2009

Oklahoma Tornadoes

On Tuesday, February 10th, two tornadoes touched down in central and southern Oklahoma. The tornadoes smashed housing developments and severe storms killed at least eight people.

This type of severe weather is likely the result of the Saturn-Uranus opposition that heavily afflicts the Plains in this winter season's solar ingress chart. The transit Moon triggered the opposition on the 11th. This powerful storm system by then was over the Mississippi Valley area.

The Weather Alternative forecast for Feb 4-6, 2009 expected this type of severe weather over the Plains and into the Mississippi Valley, but that period was relatively calm. It seems it all kicked in with the Moon's trigger to the Saturn-Uranus opposition on the 10th and 11th.

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Decision Making

Always take plenty of time to make a snap decision.

Choice, not chance, determines human destiny.

There are no born decision-makers. The most successful decision-makers follow a set of rules that help them select the best alternative under the circumstances. The basic rules of decision-making involve six steps: a) State the apparent problem or situation you face. b) Gather the facts. c) Organise and interpret the facts. d) State the real problem or situation. e) Develop alternative solutions. f) Select the most appropriate alternative.

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