Sunday, April 26, 2009

April 24-26, 2009 Forecast Results

Recent aspects between Mercury and Neptune were forecast to affect weather patterns over the Pacific Northwest and Rockies. The Weather Alternative forecast posted on April 12th called for a low pressure system to enter the Pacific Northwest on the 23rd and to strengthen over the Nevada-Utah-Arizona around the 24th.

The Weather Channel map at left for April 25th shows a low pressure over the very Nevada-Utah-Arizona area. The National Weather Service issued a number of wind warnings over this area on the 24th due to the low.

The second portion of the forecast called for the Mars-Pluto square to affect the eastern U.S. stating that a storm system would originate over the Mississippi Valley and push eastward intensifying over the Virginia-North Carolina area.

As can be seen from today's Accuweather map at right, storms are affecting the Mississippi Valley area but a high pressure system is intensifying over the eastern U.S. not a low pressure system. This high is bringing summer-like warmth to the area.

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