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December 28-31, 2011 Forecast Results

The second forecast that will appear in The Mountain Astrologer February 2012 edition covers the period between December 28-31, 2011. These long-range forecasts were prepared during July 2011.


December 28-31, 2011
The Sun's conjunction to Pluto over 75 west longitude at the same time as Venus' parallel to Pluto insures a cold air mass will take root over the Great Lakes area and move over U.S. Northeast with the potential for triggering a low pressure system.

The Weather Channel map below is for December 27th when heavy rain and some snow hit the Northeast U.S. a day earlier than forecast.

Dec 27

The assault continued on the 28th as shown in the Accuweather map below as very windy conditions and a low pressure system affected the forecast area.

28 Gusty Northeast

In keeping with the forecast more snow and rain is expected over the Great Lakes area tomorrow on the 31st. See below.

28 New Year's Eve

The forecast also spoke of Russia and China.


December 28-31, 2011Pluto affects the 105th degree of east longitude through Russia and east central China promising and invasion of cold air through the region.

The China Meteorological Administration reported the following on December 28th:

From Dec.28 to 29, the cold air will influence eastern China, eastern Inner Mongolia, Northeast China and eastern North China... The temperature of some parts of will drop by 8 degrees with 4 to 5 northerly wind forces. On Dec.28, the light snow will hit northern and eastern Northeast China.

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