Sunday, August 31, 2014

Tropical Storm Cristobal and Mexico Results

In an August 23, 2014 post entitled "The Track of Future Tropical Storm Cristobal," I suggested a possible track that the storm would follow if it developed. My suggestion was based on the Solar Eclipse of November 25, 2011 which was being activated on August 25th. As seen from the astro-locality map below, the track passed through the North Carolina coast and northward.

The following Weather Channel map shows that by the 27th, Hurricane Cristobal was not directly  following the line shown above but paralleling it offshore.

At the most, the effects on the weather for the area near the eclipse line were rough surf and breezy conditions. The Accuweather map below points this out.

In and earlier forecast posted on July 7th of this year, I explained how certain planetary alignments over the Yucatan of Mexico could be indicative of the formation of a tropical system between August 24 through 27. The astro-locality map below shows the area in question.

On the 25th, the Weather Channel reported that the Gulf of Mexico was now an area to watch. By the 27th, they reported that thunderstorms were flaring up over the Southern Gulf near the Yucatan which would then feed into a surge of moisture, which by the 28th brought drenching showers and rough surf to Texas. Accuweather is now reporting (although later than I expected) a tropical wave to affect this area as shown in their map below.

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