Friday, September 12, 2014

September 7-10, 2014 Forecast Results

The May 20th, 2014 Weather Alternative post talked about possible tropical activity or severe weather to affect North Carolina, Virginia, and the East Coast areas between September 7-10. The East Coast did experience severe weather at this time. Although it was not due to a tropical system, the combination of tropical moisture and a disturbance moving along a frontal zone provoked the rainfall. The AccuWeather map below shows the area from Florida through North Carolina as the target for heavy downpours on the 6th.

The area from Virginia through Maine was also subjected to heavy thunderstorms with damaging winds and flooding downpours on the 6th as seen in the next AccuWeather map.

On the 8th, AccuWeather reported that rain would continue to drench the East Coast into Tuesday, the 9th. The Weather Channel map for the 8th shows a low pressure area and stationary front over the Carolinas.

AccuWeather's Hurricane Expert, Dan Kottlowski, explained that the feature was not likely to develop into a tropical system. The rounds of heavy rain and flash flooding, AccuWeather said, would creep from the Carolinas through the Mid-Atlantic area. All in all this long-range weather forecast accurately described the weather scenario over 3 months in advance.

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