Friday, June 26, 2015

June 21, 2015 Forecast Results

In my June 2015 article in Dell Horoscope, I mentioned that there was a chance that a low pressure system could manifest over the Louisiana area around June 21st due to the placements of Mercury and Neptune in the key summer season chart. Here's a visual representation of how those two planets affect the area.

June 21
This crossing that we see over Louisiana has the potential to be activated later on in the season, and different forecasts will come up over the next months that will focus on this. But in the article, I thought that around June 21st we might see some low pressure activity since Mercury would square Neptune on the 23rd. In astro-meteorology, squares are disruptive influences on weather patterns. In the next map below, we see their positions on the 23rd, when they perfect their square. The crossing moves southward into the Gulf of Mexico.

June 25
You'll notice I put a little circle to the left of the crossing. That's because on the 25th a tropical wave was moving through that corner of the Gulf and positioned at 94 west longitude and 24 north latitude where the circle is. Prior to this, the tropical wave was over the Yucatan on the 24th.

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