Friday, October 13, 2006

Coming Changes for East and West Coasts

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The weather patterns contained in forecasts prepared back in December 2005 and posted here in September 2006 are beginning to become evident to conventional meteorologist. These call for good sized storms over the Mid-Atlantic region and a moisture-laden air mass over California. (See forecast below)
The wet weather in California starting today is a bit earlier than I predicted. The approaching storms over the Mid-Atlantic will arrive as forecast.


Oct. 15-18:
The general weather pattern over California begins to change now as a warmer more moisture-laden air mass enters the region. This may result in tropical moisture being funneled into the area setting off heavy showers. Fog may also be a concern now.
The Mid-Atlantic States will have to deal with what promises to be some good-sized storms of their own.

From Accuweather:
A storm system sitting just off the Southern California coastline will slide inland today, bringing showers and thunderstorms that have been dry for much of the summer. Today, locations such as Los Angeles and San Diego will be rather cloudy with showers and thunderstorms in the area. While heavy rain is unlikely, the recent forest fires have left mountainsides exposed, and it will not take too much rain before mudslides will form. This storm system will continue to track inland, bringing rain into the Desert Southwest over the weekend.

While the Eastern Seaboard is dealing with chilly temperatures this Friday the 13th, wet weather is on the horizon. After mainly dry conditions persist through the weekend, a storm system currently moving into Southern California looks to overspread the mid-Atlantic states and Southeast with rain and thunderstorms next Tuesday(17th). Before arriving over these areas, moisture interacting with the system will allow the wet weather to first pour down on the South Central states on Sunday, then over the southern Mississippi and Tennessee valleys on Monday. With the rich moisture streaming overhead, be advised that some of the rain could fall heavily each of these days.

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