Saturday, March 29, 2008

Parade of Moisture

The storm conditions for the eastern Plains and Mississippi Valley referred to in The Weather Alternative's long-range forecast for March 27-30 have materialized right on schedule. The wet weather, due to the Mercury and Venus conjunctions to Uranus, manifested as a large corridor of rain, in some places 2 to 3 inches, from the southern New England coast all the way west to the Midwest.

The Weather Channel map for March 28th above shows a low pressure area over the eastern Plains and rain over the Mississippi Valley.

Today Accuweather reports that The South Central states will have thunderstorms today as...Warm, moist air from the Gulf of Mexico will interact with a low pressure system coming out the Rockies today to ignite the storms. There is the threat for damaging winds, hail and isolated tornadoes with these storms.

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Anti Global Warming Skeptics are a Tiny, Tiny Minority, says Gore. However, science is not based on what the majority says but on observation and experimentation. Many popularly held theories were wrong as history attests.


Defeat in due course comes in one way or another to everyone. So the question isn't whether or not you experience defeat, but how you handle it.

What are you going to do with defeat? Let it destroy you, or turn it into a positive, creative experience from which you can extract much know-how and wisdom; and thus gain strength to stage a comeback? The individual who has at the center of his thinking the affirmation "I can do all things through Christ" can recover from any defeat and creditably handle any situation. -- Dr. Norman Vincent Peale

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