Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Approaching Storm Appears On Schedule

Accuweather meteorologists over the last few days have become aware of a snowstorm that may affect the Northeast and New England this weekend. This is the storm that I posted about 2 months ago based on astro-meteorological indicators.

15 Weekend Storm I-95

Accuweather meteorologists have stated that the odds are increasing for the storm to affect the Northeast and New England but they are not sure yet if it will track that close to the coast.

In my post of October 16, 2010, I explained the astro-meteorological reasoning behind the storm. The combination of the Sun's conjunction to a retrograde Mercury (a classic storm breeder) and their squares to Uranus between December 18th and 20th led to the forecast for a possible Nor'easter-type storm to affect the area.

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