Monday, December 06, 2010

Near Blizzard Conditions for New England

In a recent post, I commented on the
storm potential for December 3-5, 2010. I explained the astro-meteorological influences at work and which of the three scenarios that Accuweather presented were the most likely.
05 Near Blizzard

At the time they felt that either
1) a big snowstorm would affect the Northeast
2) nothing at all would happen or
3) it would track too far east or west.

My take was that a good-sized storm would hit the Northeast, New England, and Nova Scotia and that if it were to track anywhere it would track to the east.

On the 4th, Accuweather reported that two long-duration storms would take aim on northern New England and part of Quebec. The heaviest snow would be in Vermont, Maine, and Quebec.

On the 5th, they reported "Near Blizzard Set to Pound Maine."

Today's Weather Channel map (Dec 6) shows the area still under the gun.

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