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Mid-January Arctic Blast and Nor'easter Forecast Results

Accuweather's Joe Bastardi recently issued a forecast calling for a blast of arctic air in mid January to affect the Plains and Upper Midwest and then spread over much of the nation. Joe's post confirms my long-range forecast posted on November 14, 2010 entitled Midwest Winter Cold and Heating Oil.
31 Arctic Mid-January
He also concludes that "new burst of cold will have consumers using more heating fuel than previously thought and may stress their budgets."

In the winter season chart, the planets Jupiter and Uranus affect the 88th and 89th line of west longitude. Uranus when thus stationed predicates unseasonably low temperatures. Since Bastardi mentions that the cold outbreak gets underway around the middle of January, it's interesting to note that on January 13, 2011, the Jupiter-Uranus parallel is exact. This parallel has been observed by astro-meteorologists to coincide with high wind velocities, sudden abnormally high pressure areas, and low temperatures.

The Sun's sextile to Uranus takes place on January 17th. This crystali

zing 60 degree aspect intensifies the cold as temperatures decline sharply.

Nor'easter Forecast

On another note, my forecast for a nor'easter-like storm to affect the New England area between December 29, 2010 - January 1, 2011 did not materialize.

31 Northern Plains Blizzard
The forecast, however, did mention that "the storm begins to form over the Northern Plains and makes its way across the Great Lakes/Midwest area..." This is exactly what happened as blizzard conditions impacted the the Northern Plains and Great Lakes area between the 29th and 31st.

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