Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Results of June 2011 Hurricane Hot Spots

On May 31st I posted a few dates and places that might have been worth watching for tropical activity or other forms of severe weather in June. Here are the results.

The first one was for June 17-20 that pinpointed an area east of the Bahamas and southward through Haiti (Hispaniola) where there might be tropical activity.

The Weather Channel reported on the 18th, "Another tropical wave will bring some showers to the Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, and Hispaniola over the weekend."

A severe weather pattern over New England was also forecast for the same time period. The Weather Channel reported on the 17th that a low pressure organized and strengthened over the region and on the 18th that "some showers and thunderstorms are possible in New England from a departing system."

Possible tropical storm development was forecast for June 20-23 around 67 west 25 north but no system developed there.

I've already covered the forecast that Hurricane Beatriz fulfilled in another post.

The Rockies were also highlighted for severe weather at this time. On the 20th, the Weather Channel reported that rain and thunderstorms were expected in Montana, Wyoming, and Colorado. The next day they stated that "the big storm departed," and "lingering northwest wind gusts will top 40 mph in eastern Wyoming and eastern Colorado."

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