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Dell Horoscope Forecast Results Aug 1-8, 2011

Here are the first results of the long-range weather forecasts of mine that appeared in the August issue of Dell Horoscope magazine. These forecasts, which cover the months from August to November, were prepared in February of this year and submitted to the magazine in March.
02 NEw England


August 1-5
Mercury's retrograde station and the squares of the Sun and Venus to Jupiter work together to highlight an area of severe weather or tropical storm /hurricane activity over the New England and Nova Scotia areas.


Severe weather was active over the New England and Nova Scotia areas at this time.
According to Accuweather, on August 2nd, portions of New England and the Great Lakes were the target of violent thunderstorms.
Southeastern Maine to eastern Massachusetts is the zone at risk for thunderstorms capable of producing wind gusts over 60 mph, hail larger than quarters, numerous lightning strikes and torrential downpours.

The Canadian weather bureau posted rainfall warnings for a few counties in Nova Scotia.

06 Mex


August 5-8
Mercury retrogrades and activates the Mars-Neptune square that affects the southern tip of the Baja peninsula in the Cardinal Solar Ingress chart. This strongly suggests a tropical storm or hurricane that will be drawn to the area.


The weather map above shows a developing low pressure area south of the Baja on the 6th. It never developed tropical characteristics but a tight pressure gradient brought winds in and around the Baja area. The Mexican weather service reported an 80 percent chance of rain or greater, lightning, extremely hot temperatures, and winds 20 to 35 km/h with gusts on the 6th. One to two inches of rain were reported in a 24 hour period on the 8th.

07 TD Emily


August 6-8

Mercury's opposition to Neptune also affects North Carolina and northward into the Northeast. Neptune is indicative of tropical moisture so at this time we can expect an influx of rain-producing moisture over this area. This does not necessarily mean a tropical system.


Tropical Depression Emily made an appearance off the Southeast coast on the 7th but never made it to North Carolina. However, the Mercury-Neptune influence still brought an influx of rain to North Carolina. On the 6th, flash flooding in Charlotte prompted evacuations and closures as 2 to 3 inches of rain--and in some areas more than 6 inches--hit the area.

07 Northeast

Flooding and gusty storms also impacted Harrisburg, Pa. and northern Virginia dropping 1 to 3 inches of rain in a short time. On the 7th, the region from Baltimore to New York City was especially susceptible to flooding from thunderstorm downpours.

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