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February 22-23, 2012 Forecast Results

The Feb/Mar 2012 edition of The Mountain Astrologer carries an article I wrote entitled The Winters of 2011 – 2014: An Astrometeorological Assessment. Over the last couple of months, I've been posting the results of these forecasts as they come due. This post looks at the forecast for Feburary 22-23, 2012.

In the article, I share how Mercury, due to its changing motion, will begin to linger over certain terrestrial longitudes between February 22nd and March 12th. Two of these areas include eastern China, through Beijing, and eastern Canada, through Nova Scotia. As Mercury forms aspects with other planets, a weather reaction will ensue over the aforementioned areas. Let's see how the first forecast has shaped up.

February 22-23, 2012
On February 22nd and 23rd, Mercury will oppose a retrograde Mars exciting storms and whipping winds. The corresponding area of Russia will feel its effects. Over 64 west longitude, this argues a strong winter storm affecting New England and Nova Scotia.

The China Meteorological Administration reported that from Feb. 22 to 25, moderate to heavy snow would affect central and eastern Jilin. This Chinese province lies in northeastern China. Heavy rain was also forecast for northeastern Jiangxi, which lies in southeastern China, and for Anhui, just north of Jiangxi in eastern China, as well as for Zhejiang, which borders the other two provinces and lies along China's east coast. I don't have any weather records for Russia, but we can see that the weather over this area where Mercury is concentrating its influence has responded to the storm-breeding capabilities of the Mercury-Mars opposition in keeping with years of astrometeorological observations.

What about the areas of New England and eastern Canada?

The following Accuweather map is for Thursday, February 23rd and shows an intensifying storm over New England bringing snow and rain.

23 Hugh Contrast
This same storm then becomes a major snowstorm affecting eastern Canada and Nova Scotia over the next couple of days as seen in the Accuweather map below. Canada's weather office issued warnings for high winds, blowing snow, and significant snowfall over these eastern areas. Once again, the corresponding weather is true to form for a Mercury-Mars opposition.

24 Eastern Canada

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