Saturday, February 16, 2013

January 2013 Forecast Results

I presented two forecasts for January 2013 back in December. The first one covered the period from January 23-25.


The Sun now sextiles Uranus and trines Jupiter. The Sun-Uranus combination affects the Northeast U.S. and New England where a cold wave will bring frosty conditions and northwest winds. The Sun-Jupiter pair affects the Deep South and East Central states with high pressure keeping things cool and dry.

22 Norteast cold

The above Accuweather map of January 22nd tells the story that fulfilled the forecast. The Accuweather post was entitled "More Cold Air Coming." As for the Deep South and East Central states, the Weather Channel said that on the 23rd and 24th the region was to remain dry, which also fulfilled the long-range forecast.

The second forecast was for January 29-31.


The Sun will square Saturn now. Since Saturn affects the West Coast and the Great Basin area this winter, we can expect rain and heavy snow followed by a cold wave.

The Weather Channel reported that rain and mountain snow would affect the Northwest coast, and that snow and snow showers would affect eastern Washington and Oregon into the central Rockies with snow ranging from 2 to 10 inches. They also mentioned that a minor Santa Ana wind event would be underway with winds from 15 to 30 mph. This is interesting because in my recent post Testing Astrometeorology Part 2, we saw how Saturn's reputation for bring an east wind played out when Saturn is placed over the western U.S. Here we see that theme once again as Santa Ana winds are easterly winds.

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