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Results for April 2013 Heat

The Weather Alternative forecast for April 17-22, 2013 spoke of the Sun-Mars conjunction and its effects on weather patterns. One of the areas to be affect by the conjunction was the Newfoundland/Labrador area of Canada. My forecast called for increasing temperatures, which are a key effect of the Sun-Mars combination, to give way to unsettled conditions.

Results for Canada

The Canadian weather office issued a wind warning on April 17th for areas of Newfoundland and Labrador. Potentially damaging winds were expected in these areas due to a low pressure system off the South Labrador Coast that would increase wind gust up to 100 km/h.


Another key area discussed in the long-range forecast was the U.S. West Coast. The Full Moon Chart of March 27th placed the Sun-Mars conjunction over California and the Pacific Northwest. My forecast called for warmer and drier conditions for this section of the country.

Results for U.S. West Coast

On April 17th, the National Weather Service explained in their Area Forecast Discussion for various areas of California that high pressure would build over the Great Basin area producing Santa Ana winds. The result would be warmer weather through April 20th through much of the state.

A number of other key charts indicated that a large portion of the United States would also see a warm up around this time.

Results for the eastern U.S.

At this time the Weather Channel reported the winter storm Yogi would affect the Plains and Midwest with severe storms and snow (see map below) and then shift its influence to the East Coast. More importantly, however, on April 17th, Accuweather posted an article entitled "Warm-Up Brings Allergy Woes to Northeast." They mentioned that consistent warmth was expected through that week.

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