Wednesday, November 27, 2013

New Year's Day Weather 2014


A potent winter storm gearing up around the 29th of December will afflict the Northeast U.S., New England, and Nova Scotia through January 2nd of the New Year. Long-range forecast models provide strong indications of a low pressure system to form or at least pass near the Virginia coast and buffet the northeastern sector of the country with strong winds, precipitation, and hazardous weather conditions as it treks toward the Canadian Maritimes.

This long-range forecast is based on the relationship observed between planetary phenomena and atmospheric changes as expounded upon by Johannes Kepler, the discoverer of the planetary laws of motion. A fully documented record of his work from 1602 to 1629 appears in Kepler’s “Mysterium Cosmographicum.”

Planetary alignments involving the Sun, Mercury, Mars, Uranus, and Pluto culminate at this time. The above forecast is based on observations of previous weather patterns that coincided with these same alignments. In addition, the New Moon of January 1st will be a perigee-syzygy, commonly referred to as a SuperMoon. This describes a New or Full Moon that takes place when the Moon is at its closest approach to Earth. This particular SuperMoon has the extra influence of the Moon also being at its southernmost declination indicating storms of a more intense nature.

Stay safe and check in with your local weather news source to keep abreast of conditions in your area at this time.

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