Sunday, November 16, 2014

East and West Coast Forecast Results

At the end of September and beginning of October, I posted some long-range weather forecasts regarding weather systems that would affect the East and West coasts of the United States.

East Coast

The first period was that of November 8-13. One of the main charts I was looking at showed a planetary crossing over the Bahamas as shown below.

I mentioned the possibilities of a tropical system forming over the Bahamas and then affecting the Carolinas and East Coast, or just storms affecting the Carolinas and the East Coast.


At this time a low pressure system developed over the area where the planetary lines cross in the above map. The next two weather maps for Nov 8 and 10 show this.

The Weather Channel reported on the 10th that rain, showers and some thunderstorms were possible in eastern North Carolina from an ocean storm in the western Atlantic. Then on the 12th they reported that an arctic front arrived affecting Virginia through New England with rain and snow.

West Coast 

The next forecast was based heavily on the following astro-locality map that placed planetary crossings over the West Coast as shown below.

I called for a significant storm system to affect California and the surrounding area between November 11-14.


By November 10th, conventional forecasters began to warn of wintry weather that would affect the Pacific Northwest and northern California starting on the 12th as shown in the Accuweather map below.

Accuweather reported that a blast of arctic air would set the stage for a winter storm to threaten the Northwest. Gusty winds and January-like snow would accompany the storm, which they commented was a highly unusual snow and ice storm for so early in the season. I did expect it to hit further south. It was clearly detectable, however, way in advance by using the astro-meteorological forecast method.

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I think the planetary cycles method of long-range weather forecasting is the best, but here's a very interesting article about how scientists are Using Animals to Build an Early Warning System for Natural Disasters (click the title) 

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