Saturday, November 22, 2014

West Coast Storm Fulfills Long-range Weather Prediction

I posted a forecast entitled West Coast Weather: November 15-21, 2014 at the end of October. Due to certain planetary alignments as seen in the Last Quarter Moon chart of November 14th, I concluded that "The general idea is that a low pressure system or strong front will begin to affect the West Coast states during this time with the potential for heavy rainfall. This could drag on from a few days to a week it seems."

On November 18th, AccuWeather began to post that the first wave of a wet weather pattern would begin to affect the Pacific Northwest starting the next day. Then on the 19th, the National Weather Service warned that heavy rain was possible over parts of the Pacific Northwest Coast. They also warned of rain over Northern/Central California on the 19th as well as snow over the higher elevations.

Heavy rain, wind, freezing rain, sleet, and snow advisories were posted for Oregon on the 19th. Washington saw winter weather and wind advisories on the 20th. California and Nevada also had wind advisories posted on the 21st due to the storm system.

Here's a shot of the National Weather Service Radar for November 21st. 

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