Saturday, August 27, 2005

More Thoughts on Katrina´s Path

The Weather Alternative forecast for August 24-28, 2005 stated ¨The Northeast will experience a severe weather pattern that may be tropical in nature. One model shows a possible storm system off the coast of Virginia and North Carolina heading northward to the New York area.¨

In a recent post entitled Katrina´s Path, I explored the possibility of Katrina´s arrival over the Northeast as a fulfillment of the aforementioned forecast. There seems to be another possibility since Katrina won´t make it there within the forecast timeframe.

Conventional forecasters are now showing that a tropical air mass will move into the Northeast producing muggy conditions as far north as New England. A stalled cold front over New York will interact with this tropical air mass triggering showers and storms--some with heavy downpours.

Weather map courtesy of Accuweather

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