Monday, August 22, 2005

Scoreboard April-July 2005

Although no forecast method, be it conventional or alternative, can claim 100 percent accuracy, the Weather Alternative's system allows us to look much further into the future than today's conventional methods. How accurate have the Weather Alternative forecasts been so far? Here are some approximate scores for the long-range forecasts posted so far on this blog.

The Best and Worst of April's Weather: 82%
June 2005 Forecasts: 81%
July 2005 Mainland US: 64%
July 2005 Atlantic Hurricanes: 42%
July 2005 Pacific Hurricanes: 25%
July 2005Carribean Hurricanes: 50%

Forecast for the US mainland have been far more successful than hurricane predicitions for the open oceans due to more experience with North American weather patterns.

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