Sunday, June 17, 2007

Bahamas, Carolinas Forecast Results

Conventional meteorological forecasts have a range of about 3 or 4 days. Beyond that time frame, forecasts are impossible. The Weather Alternative bases its forecasts on planetary cycles, a method dating back to antiquity. Since planetary cycles can be calculated years in advance, so can their effects on the weather.

On Apirl 2nd, 2007, The Weather Alternative issued a forecast for June 15-17, 2007, in other words, 74 days in advance. The forecast called for the following:
June 15-17, 2007: Seventy-seven West Longitude, running through Cuba, the Bahamas, and North Carolina is the focal point for increased wind velocities as Mercury makes its retrograde station. The Moon also adds to the mix by being at its closest approach to Earth and at maximum north declination as it conjoins Mercury. If not an actual tropical system, a cold front dropping through the Northeast pushes southward toward the Carolinas triggering windy conditions.

The possible cold front pushing southward toward the Carolinas is shown above in the Accuweather map showing cooler conditions over that area on the 15th.

The windy conditions called for in the forecast are seen in the Accuweather map to the left calling for storms producing damaging winds on the 16th.

As for Cuba and the Bahamas, which were mentioned in the forecast, the Weather Channel reported on the 16th:

An area of thunderstorms is persisting from the northern Caribbean, across the Bahamas, associated with a broad, elongated trough of low pressure. This is bringing heavy rains to parts of Cuba and the Bahamas, which should continue through the weekend.

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