Monday, June 11, 2007

Southeast Storms

Accuweather reports that For much of the spring, the Southeast was void of afternoon thunderstorms, as dry air dominated the region. However, the return of a more humid air mass will allow thunderstorms to form, and today will comprise an afternoon when thunderstorms douse parts of the Southeast with rain.

In a previous Weather Alternative post (Why Southeast Drought?), it was mentioned how in the seasonal chart used for long-range weather forecasting, the planet Mars, associated with heat and dryness, was transiting over the eastern U.S. at the time of the drought. It was also mentioned how Mercury would now be moving over the eastern U.S.

The map at right shows Mercury's current position in the seasonal planetary map. Moisture is now returning to the Southeast area.

In just a few days, on the 15th, Mercury will turn retrograde. This means that from our viewpoint here on earth, Mercury will look like it's traveling backwards in the sky. Of course, no planet actually travels backwards, but it looks that way. It's similar to the illusion created when the passengers in a car traveling the same direction as a train but faster, pass the train making it seem to the car passengers that the train is moving backwards.

This Earth-Mercury phenomenon usually coincides with increased wind velocities, and was the basis for the next Weather Alternative Forecast, which can be found by clicking here-- Hurricane Season 2007

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"This most beautiful system of sun, planets and comets could only proceed from the counsel and dominion of an intelligent and powerful being."

Sir Isaac Newton

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