Saturday, June 30, 2007

June 27-29 Forecast Results

The Weather Alternative issued the following forecast back in April:

June 27-29, 2007:The eastern Gulf and Gulf Coast are still under the gun as the Sun conjoins Mercury. These two coincide with increased wind velocity and, in season, hurricane formation. The central panhandle of Florida and northward through Atlanta are places in the line of fire now.

There has been no tropical activity along the Florida panhandle. The only tropical influence to speak of has been the tropical wave across South Florida. A bit far removed from the Panhandle to count. (See map above)

The main activity over the Panhandle and Georgia has been a cold front approaching the area along with moist Gulf air filitering into the Southeast. This has acted as fuel to develop thunderstorms along the front.
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An old story:
Dr. Lambie, medical missionary, formerly of Abyssinia, has forded many swift and bridgeless streams in Africa. The danger in crossing such a stream lies in being swept off one's feet and carried down the stream to greater depths or hurled to death against the hidden rocks. Dr. Lambie learned from the natives the best way to make such a hazardous crossing. The man about to cross finds a large stone, the heavier the better, lifts it to his shoulder, and carries it across the stream as "ballast." The extra weight of the stone keeps his feet solid on the bed of the stream and he can cross safely without being swept away.

Dr. Lambie drew this application: While crossing the dangerous stream of life, the Enemy constantly seeks to overthrow us and rush us down to ruin. We need the ballast of burden-bearing, a load of affliction, to keep us from being swept off our feet.

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