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July 24-27, 2007 Forecast Results

Three months ago The Weather Alternative posted a long-range weather forecast for July 24-27, 2007. The forecast, based on the pluvial influence of Neptune and Mars' square to it on the 24th, called for severe weather to affect the Southeast, East Central, and Great Lakes area with tropical moisture either from a tropical system or some other weather mechanism that would pull up moisture over those areas and the into the Northeast.

The Accuweather map at the left, posted on Monday, July 23rd, shows what would transpire over the next few days. They referred to the low pressure area over the Great Lakes as a "stubborn storm system spinning in the vicinity of Lake Erie."

Accuweather July 26:

Meanwhile, the upper-level disturbance over the eastern Great Lakes will trigger more showers and thunderstorms over the upper Ohio Valley on Thursday and Friday. Some of these storms could result in locally heavy rainfall.

The Weather Channel reported on July 27th:

Scattered showers and thunderstorms will be on the increase across the Mid-Atlantic and New England States today, as an upper-level disturbance remains over the area, and a cold front approaches from the west...Heavy downpours will be possible, and localized flash flooding cannot be ruled out, especially into the weekend as rainfall persists.

The next map (Accuweather July 25) shows drenching downpours over the Southeast.

The Weather Channel reported:

The Southeastern States will continue to be influenced by an upper disturbance over the Ohio Valley, allowing for scattered showers and thunderstorms, especially during the afternoon and evening hours.
This includes areas from Jacksonville, through Atlanta and Birmingham, where some locally heavy downpours will be possible.

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